Quick Tips – CMS

CQ5.3 comes with slight changes in the author environment from CQ5.2.1. These were previously posted in the Web Communications site, but we wanted to make sure they were easy to find. Here are several of the differences:

  • In the site admin screen, you can now see a column for “template” that tells you which template was used to create a page
  • In the site admin screen, you used to be able to select the “name” field and change within the right pane. That is no longer the case. In 5.3 you can change “title” this way, but “name” must be changed by selecting the page in the right pane and clicking “move”
  • When you open a page to edit, the page will open in a new tab. This can be handy or annoying. So, this feature can be turned off if you wish. To do this, click your 4+4 in the top right corner of the site admin screen and select “properties” – then change the dropdown next to “Window Management” to “Single Window”
  • The icons for the OU Text, OU Text/Image and OU Image have changed slightly when you first drag on to the page
  • You can no longer accidentally drag the sidekick off the page.


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