We’ll pencil you in…on our OU Campus Calendar!


You may have heard about the new kid in town. The OU Campus Calendar is live and ready to be utilized by the university. Still in the Beta stage, we are really excited to see how it grows and becomes an integral part of campus life.

How do you become a part of it?

  • To submit events to be considered for the OU homepage, click here.
  • (Don’t forget to read the guidelines to make sure your event qualifies)
  • Departments have the capability of implementing their own departmental calendar. Contact the calendar team to get your own departmental calendar through the CMS.

Let’s get started!

If your department has a CMS calendar, short training videos are available here. Watch, and learn…

Let’s Be on the Same Page

Formatting is important because we want the university to be consistent in how it inputs and displays events.

Currently this is the format:

Summary: aka Title. Include the most important information at the beginning. Short and sweet is always a safe bet.

From & To: These fields are automated so you don’t need to worry about formatting. If the event spans for more than a week, we advise to make a beginning day event, and ending day event.

i.e. Classes Begin vs. Classes End

Repeats: Great for events that last a few days.

Event Location: Building Name, Room Number (if there is one), and the Physical Address.

i.e. Oklahoma Memorial Union, East Lawn, 900 Asp

Description: Tell us what’s up! No need to repeat information such as location and date. Get to the details that will entice your audience to attend your event.

Tags: Tagging should be limited to two categories. There are select tags (or categories) that are Academics, Alumni, Arts and culture, Athletics, Campus Life, Community, Health, Religious, Research, Speakers and Symposiums, Student Organizations, and Volunteerism.

Contact name or Department: If you would like to put both, use a comma to separate content.

i.e. Kam Stocks, Web Communications


i.e. Price College of Business

Contact email: Pretty self explanatory.

i.e. calendar@ou.edu

Contact phone: Format numbers as such, (405) 325-0058.

Link text: If you choose to give a link you can control the copy that will display.

i.e. “Find out more about Women’s Volleyball” or “See the full schedule of events”

Link url: Currently you MUST include http:// before the web url. If you do not the link will break and will display a 404 error on the user end. You are not required to include a link. If you do NOT put in a link text the default text is “Learn more about this event.”

Push to another calendar: We are excited about this function, but it’s not quite there yet. In version 2.0 of calendar it will be an option to submit your event to other calendars, including the homepage. That doesn’t mean, however, that they are instantly approved, but the user will be notified of the event and can decide to promote it.

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