Once Upon A Website…

Not long ago in a magical land of OU Web Communications, a new, alternative approach to campus websites was born. It became known as the QuickStart migration, and it promised a fast-track migration into the OU content management system.

So here is the thing. We want every department to have the opportunity for an exceptional website that is easy to update and provides great content while unifying the OU brand and user experience. Sometimes, this means a custom website. Custom site design and development take time.

On the other hand, sometimes departments just want the ability to keep a site current. Sometimes departments just want a website that reinforces the OU brand. The OU CMS is a great solution. Our QuickStart migration is ideal for a prompt, seamless move into the OU CMS.

Enter the OU Budget Office. We met for the first time in the middle of August. They picked a design template, went through training, and migrated their content. Their new website launched about a month later.

Budget Office before the CMS and QuickStart migration….

old home page

old home page

old interior page

old interior page

Budget Office AFTER the CMS and QuickStart migration.

If your department, college, or organization is interested in a QuickStart migration, contact us.

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