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Day igniteWe’ve been using Day Communique (OU’s content management system) since June 2007 and have been going to the Day customer summit (now called “Day Ignite”) ever since. Sometimes people ask us why we attend each year and I can honestly say it’s not for the fun (though there’s plenty of it). Three of us attended this year and since we just got back I thought I’d spout off  the top 5 reasons we go and find value in the summit each year:

  1. We get to meet and talk to some pretty amazing people in the technology and business world such as Roy Fielding – one of the principal authors of the HTTP spec (among many other things). Also, last year we  saw Erik Estrada, but that had nothing to do with the conference…
  2. Higher Education is a big focus for Day right now, so getting to meet/collaborate with more than 10 universities also using CQ is extremely useful. The last couple years we’ve been meeting the day before Day Ignite just to collaborate, catch up and help each other. The awesome schools there this year were: Boston College, Columbia University, Dalhousie University, NYU, Old Dominion, Ryerson University, Penn State University Libraries, Simon Fraser University, University at Buffalo, University of Cincinnati, OU and Villanova.
  3. Seeing what other customers are doing with CQ is not only very informative, it’s inspirational as well. Some companies are using CQ very differently from us, which just inspires us to use the system for new things. Some companies use CQ actually very similarly to how/why we use the system in higher education.
  4. Getting to know/meet the Day employees is a must at each conference. Not only do we know who to turn to when we run into issues, but we also know who to ask when we want to start a new/cool project that might need some input/advice from Day.
  5. Sneak peak into future releases. Sure we can see these on slideshare, but being able to talk to the Day team at the same time is valuable.
  • Bonus #1 (It wouldn’t be a countdown about Day Ignite without a bonus) Stepping out of daily life to get more perspective about our projects, goals and strategies. We’ve had several of those “a-ha” moments at Day Ignite.
  • Bonus #2 – We get to present about all the wonderful things the OU WebComm crew does…

“Big Dreams… few resources”

With so many opportunities, how do we take advantage of all CQ has to offer when limited to very few resources? Similar to many companies and institutions here, The University of Oklahoma doesn’t currently have very deep pockets; meeting the dreams our office, authors and end-users have for the OU web requires a little innovative thinking and strategic planning. In this session, we will show how we’ve positioned CQ at the University as a powerful system and content repository that connects with so many other systems, plugins, and solutions. How do we give our authors and end users a competitive experience without breaking our backs or the bank?

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  1. Erin, you and the team have gone beyond the norm for collaboration and sharing. It has been an honor to get to know you since those first Day conferences — and I really missed seeing you all this year. Thank you for your contribution! You are the best.

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