Who Should Be Your Social Media Voice

We get asked a lot, “What do we need to be looking for when we hire someone to run our social media.” To that we have a couple of responses.

1. Chances are you don’t need to HIRE anyone. You need to find someone who is passionate about your office or department and who is an active social media user. And most likely you’ve got all the right people already at your disposal.

2. Before you create any sort of social media presence, have a clear idea of what you want that presence to be. That will determine who you want at the helm of this endeavor. Are you looking for someone to communicate with your customers or are you looking for someone to create and manage content? Because those are different skill sets. Not to say that one person can’t have both, but be aware of what you need.

And 3. Fortunately at OU, you’ve got a built in social media team at Web Comm.  Kam Stocks our social media coordinator has put together a great social media guide to help you get started on your office or department’s specific goals.

Also there was a recent article on Mashable that had some really great pointers on building a social media team. The CliffsNotes go something like this:

  • Determine WHY you want to build a team or presence before you determine WHO you want to run it. What you are trying to accomplish will dictate who will be successful at building and maintaining your campaign.
  • Don’t hire someone who just likes to hear them self talk. You want someone who is not only going to engage your audiences but someone who pays attention to what the audience responds to. This takes someone who pays attention to what other people are saying. That takes someone who is maybe even a little on the analytical side.
  • What will be the voice of your social media? If you want an all professional push communications campaign, you’ll want to get people who can carry off that voice. Likewise if it is a fun conversation with a sense of humor you’re hoping to have with your users, you need to find a person that fits that description instead. And again, that is not to say that you couldn’t find the same person to do both, just be aware of what you are looking for.
  • Commit. Once you start you can’t just stop whenever you feel like it.

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