Tulsa Campus now LIVE in CQ5

ou.edu/tulsaTulsa.ou.edu has officially gone live in CQ5 and is now ou.edu/tulsa. After a long migration and lots of hard work, this marks the largest migration of a single site into the CMS to date. In other words – it’s kinda a big deal. We started discussions with the Tulsa IT and Public Affairs teams in 2009 and had an official kickoff in April 2010 to start planning this massive overhaul of over 900 pages. How’d we do it? Well, WE (being WebComm) only did part of the work. The real work came in when the team in Tulsa started the management and migration of content for more than 20 departments.

After kickoff, the Tulsa campus hosted four departmental training sessions to migrate the 900+ pages of content in three and a half months. Wow.

How did the team in Tulsa get through this project so efficiently?

  1. Phased migration – The Tulsa team forced themselves to learn the intricacies of the CMS before rolling out to the other authors on campus. This meant they had a good grasp on how things worked before attempting a training session or before they had to answer authors’ questions.
  2. Dispersed content ownership – One person couldn’t possibly migrate 900 pages in a timely manner. This meant that site owners all over the Tulsa campus had to migrate their own content. And, once an author goes through the process of migrating content, keeping the site updated after go-live is a piece of cake. It might seem painful at first, but getting everyone involved in the migration of content up front ensures a lot of users go through training and take ownership of the site and content updates.
  3. Weekly updates – During each migration into CQ5, the WebComm team meets weekly with the migrating department project lead. The team in Tulsa made the most out of these sessions and asked really great technical questions, got help on issues that had come up during the week and made sure they knew what next steps in the process should be.

Way to go, OU Tulsa – you made our jobs easy.





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  1. Thanks for a great blog post about our project. At our end of the turnpike, we believe that the project went so smoothly because the WebComm team held our hand through the whole process and was always helpful and attentive. Everyone at OU-Tulsa is loving the new CMS and the flexibility and functionality that it provides. Thanks.

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