CMS Update: Firefox v. CQ

Firefox 3 is still the supported browser for authoring content in CQ. Day Communique has some known compatibility errors in the recently released Firefox 4, so do not upgrade. We’ll keep you posted on an expected timeline for Firefox 4 support.

If you already upgraded to Firefox 4, you can downgrade back to Firefox 3.5 or 3.6. Here are Firefox’s instructions on how to downgrade.

One thought on “CMS Update: Firefox v. CQ

  1. Just a quick update on Firefox browser support. Mozilla released Firefox 5 today, but Adobe has not given us a time frame for supporting this new browser version. Firefox 3 is still the supported browser for CQ5, but we are diligently trying to get confirmation from Adobe on time frame for support of Firefox 5. Some users have had luck using Chrome, but we have not yet tested this option. Please check the CQ5 User Group in Chatter for more information.

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