SEO & Analytics Lunch & Punch: Top 10 Resources

For your convenience, we compiled the resources from our April 2011 Lunch & Punch. Happy optimizing!

  1. Explore Search Engine Optimization 101. The tips we discussed at the Lunch & Punch are available here.
  2. Check out our Before SEO blog post here for nifty tools and info.
  3. Great tools are available to analyze your site, rankings, page rank, etc. We use, but many SEO sites have free resources.
  4. Establish a page rank baseline and check it regularly. Visit Google Analytics and/or Google Webmaster to take your site to the next level.
  5. Analyze your keywords with the Google Keyword Tool.
  6. Use the language your audience uses. For example, the University says residence halls, but students say dorms. Explore writing for the web tips here.
  7. Curious about what those fancy Google Analytics terms mean? This site provides a great explanation.
  8. Add Google Analytics to your site. Here are some instructions about adding it to your site in the CMS.
  9. Review your Google Analytics results on a regular basis. It will provide valuable insight about your visitors. Contact us if you have questions.
  10. Rinse and repeat.

2 thoughts on “SEO & Analytics Lunch & Punch: Top 10 Resources

  1. If you want to utilize SEO to increase your website rankings within the major search engines, I must state that Google Analytics is not something you should consider utilizing for SEO. Google Analytics is flawed even with its ease of usage and tools.

  2. I was wondering if you have any thoughts on the recent spike in local SEO and citations (this site talks about local a bit: St. Charles SEO). I’m most curious about citations and your thoughts on how it will change in the future.


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