No Photoshop? No Problem!

Adobe Photoshop may be the most common digital photo-editing software program for designers, webbies, and marketers, but we don’t all have the resources to acquire it. If you have Photoshop or another photo-editing program, fantastic. For the rest of you….No photoshop? No problem! We’ve got a few resources for you….

Free Resources:

Here are a few of the free resources with which our office is familiar. If you know of other helpful sites, please share them by making a comment below.

I thought it might be helpful if I give you a quick tour of what Aviary can do. Hope this helps!

Step 1:

Upload a file to the free online photo editor –

Step 1

Step 2:

Select your treatments in Aviary’s widget. You can sharpen, whiten, rotate, flip, correct redeye, add contrast, and much more. Check out this article for advice on resizing and cropping your photos.

Step 2: Pick your treatment(s).

Step 3:

To achieve this treatment, I flipped the photo, adjusted the saturation, and added the instant treatment. Ta-da! Then SAVE the image and download it to your desktop.

Step 3: Ta-da!

Happy photo editing,


PS – Special shout out to Dave and Mario for showing me these great tools!


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