May Lunch & Punch: Survey Says….Resources!

Research and feedback are valuable tools for communicators. If the appropriate tools are used, problems can be solved and insight can be gained. Your users (and audience) get a voice. Your team can make better decisions.

When we seek audience research or user feedback, Web Comm uses:

  • Get Satisfaction – After creating an account, we plugged this into our campus map and calendar for user feedback. You can do the same!
  • SurveyMonkey – If we want more in-depth research or audience information, we’ll post a survey to the website or social media channels. Basic accounts are free.

There are several other options to generate feedback and conduct research. Focus groups, interviews, and observations are traditional research tools. Here are a few other resources to consider:

  • Facebook has added the (free) functionality to ask questions or poll your audience. Quick questions with an engaged audience could be very beneficial.
  • We also employ usability tests to examine how well a website functions for intended audiences. That’s another discussion for another day, but here is the info if you are interested.

What research or feedback tools do you use? How has it helped?

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