Kids Rock

Recently I had the pleasure of helping teach a free videomaking class at the Norman Public Library. A local filmmaker, Scott Mellgren, put together a young filmmaker’s camp at the request of our fellow Normanites. The library was eager to host the camp, and I was eager to help out! NPL Computer Training Center Coordinator Nancy Rimassa graciously welcomed the camp and let us borrow her employee, Jim Belcher, to assist with the class and also provided drinks and snacks for the camp.

Teaching kids about video is probably one of the funnest things to do. They aren’t jaded about lack of budget, or equipment. They just want to have fun and make something. It’s inspiring. Not to mention, super adorable.

The class met a couple of weeks ago on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-3 p.m. The kids were ages 10-15. The goal was to teach them pre-production, production, and post-production by actually making a short movie as a class. I was unable to be there on Friday, but our awesome Web Comm grad student, Jean-Louis, (who we provided his first ice cream sandwich) took the reigns for me that day.

Videomaking for Young People

We used Flip video cameras, provided by the library, to make the short movie about a girl who loses her shoe and dog. The concept came straight from the students. After our brainstorming session, the elements they had to include were: a lamp, a car, mom, crazy aunt, lost shoe, the line “Come back!” and “I like fried chicken”, and a park. They were not allowed to use zoom or pans, just static tripod shots.

Part of my job in Web Comm is to provide training on Flip cameras when we send them out to places such as Arezzo, Uganda, and Oxford to capture the OU study abroad experience. I think it’s great when the University can give back in unconventional ways. This time I was training kids about video. I felt proud to tell parents that I work for the University of Oklahoma and shoot and edit video for the OU YouTube Channel. #TeamWebComm is all about giving back!

1st teacher present!

Helping teach this camp (to possibly future Sooners!) was a blast and truly rewarding. One of the students even made me my first teacher present, a sweet origami bird. Gaw, kids rock.

Here is the final product! Enjoy The Adventure of a Girl and Her Missing Things.

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  1. I had a similar gig with a local library. I got to teach kids how to operate and perform funny skits in front of a camera. It was hilarious. I was amazed how quickly they learned how to do simple video editing.

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