Laying out web pages

Here are some quick tips for layout out content on your page.

Defining the importance of a page
•    Pages have purpose, always go back to the purpose and ask if the page meets the purpose.
•    Laying out copy in a hierarchical format.
•    Use your grid to display content.

One great example of defining importance on a page is You can see a clear purpose of mint’s home page, Sign up!

Keep It Simple
•    Cut copy… then cut it again.
•    Use scannable headlines.
•    Short paragraphs with sub headings.
•    Using graphics and images to support copy.

At we use colorful icons, short copy, titles and sub titles to make our content scannable.

Readable Text
•    Copy size at least 12 points
•    Good size difference between headlines (H) and copy
•    Maximize contrast between font and background

Pure grips does a great job of typographic hierarchy and presenting a very readable page.

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