CQ5 + Firefox 6

Screen Shot 2011-09-07 at 12.33.25 PMQuick update on Firefox upgrades and CQ5 compatibility.

We’ve asked you all to stay on Firefox 3 until Adobe releases a new fix to make CQ5 compatible with Firefox 4, 5 and 6. At this point we don’t have an official fix, but based on some user feedback and some individual use cases, it looks like Firefox 6 is behaving nicely with CQ5.

Firefox 6 isn’t technically an approved browser for CQ5 yet, but if any users are willing to be our beta testers, we’d love to hear your experience with CQ5 using Firefox 6.

If you’ll be upgrading to Firefox 6, please send us an email to cmshelp@ou.edu and let us know. Then, please keep us updated on any issues you run into or differences you see in CQ5 between Firefox 3 and 6.

Download Firefox 6 here if you’d like to test.

3 thoughts on “CQ5 + Firefox 6

  1. I’ve been using Firefox 6 with CQ5 successully for the last few days.

    Previously the only way I could get Firefox 4 and 5 to work with CQ5 was to open firebug and close it again (F12. This would make CQ5 work for a click or two. Then it would stop working once more.

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