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Web Communications and Information Technology are partners. We work to provide the resources and tools your college, department, or division needs. Here is an outline of some of our services:


OU on iTunes U

iTunes U is a free service for higher education from Apple that provides a means for managing, delivering, and accessing university-related content to all interested individuals within a public and private domain.

OU on iTunes U provides OU college and departmental faculty and staff the ability to upload and distribute multimedia content through mobile, online, and offline environments. For students and visitors, OU on iTunes U opens up a world of possibilities to access content on a wide variety of subjects including course lectures, presentations, university news & updates, department or program information, training sessions, and guided tours.


Portfolio.ou.edu gives you 1GB of storage space to host, store, and share vital documents and create a personal web page. We recommend that you create all new personal web pages using Portfolio instead of students.ou.edu or faculty-staff.ou.edu because of Portfolio’s space, flexibility, and ease of use.


ZenDesk is a comprehensive, easily searchable online knowledge base.  For those looking to trouble shoot on their own, ZenDesk is a great resource.  Can’t find what you’re looking for or don’t want to try and fix an issue on your own?  OU IT is available 24/7 via (405) 325-HELP.


OU4YOU facilitates mobile interaction with OU services, including campus weather and news, maps, Desire2Learn, HIRESooner, and much more.


invisibleBracelet.org (iB) is an Oklahoma-based, HIPAA-compliant service that allows its members to share vital health information with participating Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers during emergencies. Responding medics within our service can access your information. If medical transport is necessary, text, email or phone messages will be delivered to your In Case of Emergency (ICE) contacts.


Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness month?  OU IT offers Symantec AntiVirus FREE to all OU students, faculty, and staff.  Please call us with any questions about security, we are here to help!


Content Submission Form

Share your content with the Alumni office, Development, Recruitment Services, and Web Communications. We created an online form to simplify the process!


This is a great tool to measure your social media influence. We use it to measure the UofOklahoma accounts, and we’d be happy to help you do the same.

Web Guidelines

Accessibility and accuracy are top requirements. Basic elements also include the global header, footer, and OU logo use. Here is a checklist with more details.

OU map

The beta version of the new OU Norman campus map uses Google Maps. New features include faster loading, a larger viewing area, a more robust search and most importantly, a great platform for future development. The content for map data is maintained using the content management system, CQ5.3 from Day Software. Content currently includes a full building list, accessibility information, helpful locations, and now campus parking.

Campus-wide Calendar

It’s still in beta, but we’re making progress based on your feedback. We have more than 30 calendars in the system, and we’re adding more on a regular basis. You can submit an event, share events, and promote events. Read more about the calendar here.


Our content management system now supports more than 100 campus sites. We’re working to provide better technical support for sites as we move forward. Expect more updates soon.


We’re rolling out our pilot blogs in the next few weeks. Departmental and college blogs should be available in about a month. We have two templates to start, and we’ll go from there. Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Web Resources

  1. Regarding Portfolio: Anyone looking to publish materials online, especially materials that they expect to have a multi-year lifespan, should be very cautious about publishing anything with OU IT. As the recent dithering about faculty-staff.ou.edu shows, OU IT is not sure just how to take on the task of providing long-term web hosting. I have materials online that I use for my teaching that have been online for upwards of 10 years, and I expect they will remain online and useful for years to come. Just how long is OU IT prepared to pay for the Xythos software used in Portfolio? The URLs for webpages published using the commercial Xythos software system are dependent on that software (in addition to publicly revealing your 4×4) – if and when OU IT decides not to pay for Xythos software any longer, that content and all the incoming links to it will no longer function. You will have to migrate your content and, even if you migrate successfully, all incoming links will be broken. As for Portfolio’s ease of use, that is true for document sharing, but not for the creation of websites; Portfolio is designed as a document-sharing system. It does not even have an HTML editor, and it does not allow FTP. My students need to publish webpages for their class, and GoogleSites is a far easier option for them, since GoogleSites has the HTML editor built in; Portfolio does not. I very much wish OU participated in GoogleApps for higher ed – it would provide valuable web publishing and blogging services that are simply not available with OU’s current range of technology offerings.
    Top Universities Using GoogleApps for Education:

  2. Laura,

    Thanks for your feedback. You’ll be happy to know that we just returned from a trip to San Francisco, where we visited Google and learned more about the roadmap for Apps, as well as some of the challenges Universities are facing in moving to a cloud-based productivity suite.

    Google is certainly part of our long-term productivity discussions. We will seek faculty input for this strategy, as well as our long-term web hosting strategy.

  3. I am a very happy Googler and rely on Google tools in abundance to teach my online classes. Anything that puts OU in Google’s orbit sounds good to me! As for faculty input about long-term web hosting, I’ve talked Nick Key’s ear off about that and the last I heard was that faculty-staff.ou.edu was NOT going to be shut down after all – although it was publicly announced that it would indeed be shut down, with no migration and no redirects. So, until IT figures out just what it is prepared to commit to and for whom, faculty need to be cautious. I still haven’t seen anything official about whether faculty-staff.ou.edu really will stay up, much less how long portfolio.ou.edu will remain viable.

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