Great Tools For Student Groups – Oct. 2011

Here are some new, not-so-new and just plain cool resources we’ve found lately to help you be productive, promote something or just have fun. What have you seen lately that would help departments, student organizations and groups on campus? Be innovative – think about what’s already out there to meet your needs!


  1. Create a is: easy, fast and cheap (or even free!). We talk more about Wufoo here. Also – ALSO – download the Pico iPhone App for $0.99 to allow users to fill out your form on your iPhone when you’re on location.
  2. Get on the Calendar – Sounds simple, but many events get passed by on the Campus Calendar because we didn’t know about them. Promote yourself! 
  3. Check In – Foursquare lets you create buzz around a place and allows people to brag about being there on Facebook, Twitter, etc. which helps with the promotion of the place. But what about events? Foursquare may soon be launching events as places!  In the meantime, make sure to check in on Gowalla and Foursquare during meetings, events, etc. to promote through other social media channels. To encourage participation at events, what if you had users check in to 5 locations during the event for a chance to win something?
  4. You don’t need no stinkin’ website! Skip over the whole website idea and just create a Facebook event or page for student organizations. It’s easy to hand off to the next group and encourages communication and participation. You can make these public or private depending on who your audience is. You could also use Tumblr or Posterous. Using permissions and settings, especially in Posterous, you could have a group for exec committee and one public group for parents and students.
  5. QR Codes – So much you can do with these little guys! Post them all over campus for students to learn more info, enter contests, etc. But wait – there’s more. What if each team or individual participating in activities were given a QR code for that event that would allow them to continuously check up on times, schedules, results of a contest, etc.
  6. Text a group – When you’re organizing an event or group, you may need to push out updated info quickly. Using tools like Beluga or GroupMe will allow you to mass-text groups.
  7. Portfolio – This is a service from OU IT that allows you to share things through links (like dropbox), but you can set passwords or use your OU 4+4 to grant permissions.

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