iOS5 and Accessibilty

Accessibility is something as a University we all care about. When it comes to the web, we take it seriously. It’s also fun to read about how technology is taking accessibility to the next level.

I just played around with some of the iOS5 functionality for hearing and vision impaired, and it’s pretty impressive. Read about all of the features in this Mashable article.

As a user without an impairment, I still had fun making custom vibrations for incoming calls!

Custom Vibration Alerts

Create the custom vibration patterns in the “Sounds” menu, accessed via “Settings.”

At the very bottom of the “Sounds” menu, you’ll see “Vibration Patterns.” Here you can create a new vibration pattern by tapping on the screen. Name and save it.

Next, head to your contacts, tap “Edit” on the correct contact and choose the “Vibration” option. You can add your custom creation to that contact’s profile.

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