Our Awesome Students…(you can’t have them)!

Introducing two new additions to the #teamwebcomm family, Jen and Jesse!

Jen Herrmann, Jesse High, and our graduate student Jean-Louis, are near and dear to us for a couple of reasons. #1 they are students and remind us of our younger days when walking up stairs wasn’t as hard, and #2 they are our first video editing students since me (Cassie here!).

Jen HerrmannWith Jen’s background in professional writing we are not only having her shoot and edit videos, but work on content for sites such as Discover and the Class of 2016 Facebook page. Her all-star status doesn’t stop there…on top of being a great worker, she’s funny. Like, really funny.


Jesse High Jesse has extensive background from OCCC in all realms of production. He is faster than fast and produces the best of results every time. He just finished up this video from move-in day. Jesse dreams big and is going to go far. He better make sure to thank us when he’s accepting his 5th Academy Award.

jean louis Jean-Louis’ has been with Web Comm for about a year. He focuses on managing student portal content, but when he’s not too busy we steal him away for shoots. His never ending campus connections help get the job done, plus he’s a great photographer! We also enjoy his French accent and making him try things for the first time, like ice cream sandwiches.

So what this all means is we have three amazing student workers rocking it out in our office. Click on them to read about how awesome they are! But remember…you can’t have ’em!


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