7 Tips for Writing on the Web By Cory Miller

For the February Lunch and Punch Workshop, we partnered with The Div and iThemes. Cory Miller, The Div President, Inc., and iThemes Media LLC co-founder/CEO, presented this material. Oh, he also is also the author of “WordPress All-In-One for Dummies” and “The Entrepreneurial Adventure: Is It For You?” And, he is a pretty cool guy. No big deal.

Cory shared his expertise with campus communicators and CMS users. Here are his 7 tips for writing on the web. Enjoy!


1) Write for people

– Write for your audience, for actual readers
– Write to be read – important distinction
– Think of a person you’re writing to (my first blog series I thought of one of my professors)
– Be warm and personable
– Help them feel like they want to be there
– Interject personality
– Write to education first, then entertain

2) Write good headlines

– What’s the benefit for the person reading? Your audience.
– Write headlines so that people are interested and click through to read
– See “102 Headline Formulas”

3) Write for Web Reading

– Most people scan
– Use lists, bullets – top tens
– Use images
– Use links
– Don’t assume anything – be complete

4) Use Good Keywords (for good SEO)

– Search Engine Optimization lets you get discovered by people all over the world
– Do research on your subjects / topics
– People don’t search like you do
– You will find topic ideas

5) Leverage Email, Social Media

– Email is still king
– It’s the best way to keep your audience engaged
– An email list is just like a blog – you need to establish a relationship with them
– Social Media also has its benefits (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)
– Go wherever your audience is ….
– Use email and social media to push people to your landing pages where all the content information is

6) Push Publish

– Perfection is Poison
– The web is instantly editable

7) Measure and Repeat

– Find out what works and do more of it
– Have a good Analytics program to see what posts or pages are getting the most momentum
– We use Google Analytics
– Gauge comments, social media retweets or links

Recommended Reading

Content Rules by Ann Handley
On Writing Well by William Zinsser
Launch by Michael Stelzner

Additional Resources

Google Keyword Tool
102 Headline Formulas

4 thoughts on “7 Tips for Writing on the Web By Cory Miller

  1. Cory is a cool guy. Saw him present at a WordPress conference. This is a great article he put together.

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