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Closed captioning, theoretically, isn’t very difficult. However, when you are first starting out it feels a little overwhelming. What service do you use? How do you upload? Export? Import? I’m already feeling stressed out.

This blog post will open up the world of closed captioning for YouTube. So, get ready. We are about to become masters of CC!

3 Common terms to know:

  1. .SRT File common subtitle file that has the timecode and text
  2. Video Hosting Site this site is a 3rd party site where your video lives (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo). For every video you upload you will have a URL
  3. CC the abbreviation for Closed Captioning

CC on YouTube

You have a channel and want to host your video through a service like YouTube.

Use a captioning service like or CaptionTube to generate your captioning file.

This example is from Overstream. Click on images to enlarge.


"Create New Overstream" and enter the video URL to begin


After you are finished captioning, under "Tools" select "Export Current Subtitles as SRT"


"Save to File" will generate a file on your desktop


Logged into your YouTube account, you can now upload your .srt file to the video.

step 1

Step 2: Uploading CC file

Step 3: Uploading CC file

You did it! Your videos are now accessible!

Do you use a different service? Leave us a comment and tell us what you use and why you like it!

Update: For longer videos that you need to outsource the captioning, look into the CCE Film, Video and Broadcast Production Services. They charge around $45/hour of work and are fast!

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  1. This is a great bit of information. I tried the steps after reading this blog and it works absolutely fine. Thanks a ton 🙂

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