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Last month at SXSW, announced a tool to auto-generate infographics from your Twitter and Facebook data (Silicon Angle covers the announcement here). And if there are two things I love they’re DIY and Infographics. You could probably include urban exploring in that list as well, but it doesn’t sound like has figured out how to help me with that… yet.

Infographics are a trend that have gained so quickly in popularity that they’ve gotten their fair share of criticism as well, but I can’t help but love the visual display of data. The problem with infographics is that they take time to create – a lot of time. They’re creative, designed well and different for every type of data set.

That’s where’s new tool is so inspired. It takes a data set that is consistent across millions of people and offers standard designs to incorporate your unique data into what looks like a completely customized design.

Here is a dive into OU on Facebook. Share your infographics with us on Twitter! @ouwebcomm

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