Accessibility Resources for you!

  • Webaim
    This is a pretty prolific site that has a cool little toolbar to install to your bowser.  It’s called Wave.  You’ve probably seen it before.  It’s a great tool, but it is also easy to fool.  Just because your site passes with no accessibility errors, does not mean it’s accessible.  It only means it technically meets minimum requirements.

  • OU Webcomm Blog
    Obviously, if you’re here, then you know that already.  We do a number of posts concerning web accessibility.  There are a couple of how-to posts for CMS as well as non-CMS users for solutions to common accessibility problems.
  • Colorblindness Simulators
    • WeAreColorBlind – This tool is pretty high level, but it gives you a good idea about the need for consideration to you color blind audience.  Color contrast is important, and there are a few great examples of the right and wrong way to display your data, when considering a color blind audience.  Plus the little slider is pretty cool.
    • Vischeck – This works great for sites using all colors (not background images).  It also has a tool where you can upload images to simulate different kinds of color-blindness.  It’s an evolving tool though, and I’m hoping it continues to expand it’s capabilities (while still remaining free!)
  • Video Captioning
    It cannot be stressed enough that video captioning is not optional.

  • CDAC – Digital Accessibility Center
    CDAC provides a number of services that vary based on the type of web content.  Static, content managed and dynamic web sites can benefit from our accessibility review service.  Rich media content, such as Microsoft Word documents, Adobe Acrobat PDF files and multimedia can benefit from our review and remediation services.
  • This is a good list of accessibility complaints, with links to more information about each one.
    Right now, a few of us are manning the CMSHelp-desk.  We can be a great resource for you when you have a question about where to start, or how to fix a specific problem, whether you are in the CMS or not.

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