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I’m pretty picky about what apps make it on my phone, and I’m usually a word-of-mouth app downloader.

Being a stones throw away from Starbucks, Web Comm is a frequent customer. We probably keep them in business during the summer. If you dare admit that you too drink Starbucks’ coffee, you may also remember their free app/book/music cards that sit next to the barista station.

On one particular coffee occassion an app came my way that changed my (iPhone) life.

It’s called Snapseed.


snapseed photo before

BEFORE Snapseed

snapseed after

AFTER Snapseed

Need I say more?

Normally $4.99, this particular day it was as FREE as they come. A few people in my office downloaded it and after hearing, “This is pretty cool,” I was sold.

So, why is Snapseed so cool? We are in the business of making our respective colleges/departments/offices look good on the web. Sharing pictures are really important to being active social media users. If those pictures are too dark, blurry, or just poor quality in general, how does that reflect your brand? Not very well, obviously. Taking a minute to edit a simple photo can make all of the difference.

An OK picture can be whipped up into a piece of content that garners 861 likes, 164 shares, and 72 comments like “Wow. I love Oklahoma :)” and “Gorgeous. I miss Oklahoma.”

Before Snapseed

BEFORE Snapseed and Instagram

After Snapseed

AFTER Snapseed and Instagram

Editing photos before sharing them on your social networks is one way you can master the art of social media. Be creative, have fun and remember…what you put out there is a reflection of your brand. Make sure it’s the reflection you want!

2 thoughts on “Better Mobile Photos in a Snap

  1. Thanks for the kind words about Snapseed. I couldn’t agree more (for obvious reasons) when you say that poor quality photos reflect poorly on a brand. Well stated!

    Best, Kevin (from Nik Software, makers of Snapseed)

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