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aviary logoIf you don’t have access to Photoshop, Aviary Image Editor is a great alternative. The interface reminds me of Photoshop, but the Aviary Image Editor is a web-based solution. Plus, it is free.

First, install Google Chrome if you don’t already have it. Then, visit the Chrome Web Store. Search for Aviary Image Editor or use this link to find it immediately. Follow the tips to install Aviary.

Once the Aviary Image Editor is installed, you are ready to rock and roll. Just open it up and follow the prompts Aviary provides. The image editor allows you to crop, enhance, and correct your photos in a snap. If you want tutorials on how to use Aviary, check out this resource.

A few notes:

  • Creating a free account with Aviary allows you to save your images, which is always a good thing.
  • To use a photo on your website (or in your publication), export the photo as a .jpg. Keep an eye on the file size and dimensions, though. When exporting your photo in Aviary, you may need to reduce the jpg’s quality in order to optimize the image for the web. Optimized images are web-friendly images.
  • Keep your pictures happy. Check out this post about resizing your photos and using web-friendly images.

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  1. google chrome it always provides an application that is very helpful for us, one of which is Aviary Image Editor.

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