Meet Tom

Tom is #TeamWebComm’s jack-of-all trades.

Tom joined Web Comm a few short months ago, but it already seems like he has been here for ages. He manages our finances, general office needs, and much more. Basically, he keeps us coordinated and organized, which is quite a feat. Seriously. Hats off to Tom.

He’s the first face you’ll see when you walk in the door, and he is now the first line of support for our CMS help desk. When you email CMS Help or call our office, he’ll be there. If he can’t figure something out, he will work with our technical team to get you a prompt response.

In addition, we wanted to find a way to better support QuickStart projects. We believe the best solution is to divide and conquer. Gina will manage all CMS migrations, while Tom will oversee the support and details for all QuickStart migrations. Tom will also coordinate our monthly Lunch and Punch workshops. So, you’ll have him to thank for the awesome punch and rockin’ QuickStart sites.

Tom is a globe trotter, MPA student, and eager learner. We’re lucky to have him and so are you. Learn more about Tom here.


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