How to Make a Successful Campus foursquare Campaign

Web Comm launched the #OU4SQ Check In and Win Foursquare Giveaway a couple of weeks before school ended this spring semester. This was our first large giveaway and we had over 30 prize packages to give out thanks to some awesome OU offices who wanted to have some foursquare fun with us. We wanted to share with you some insight from our campaign, what we plan to do in the future, and how we measured its success.


We chose to make a Senior Bucket List because graduation was right around the corner. Pick an event that is fun and timely for your students to participate in.


Since we were asking students to do a lot, check in to at least five spots on the list and push their check ins to Twitter using the hashtag #OU4SQ, it was very important that all of our publicity materials make it simple. Also to help with this we produced a short giveaway promotional video featuring a popular and social media savvy graduating senior.


Set your goals and then work for them. It will take some time before you start seeing results. Will anyone enter? Are they going to have fun? All of these questions may start sneaking their way into your foursquare promo beginner brain. Kick them out! Setting realistic goals in the beginning will help you reach success. Evaluate them as you go along, but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t exceeding your expectations right out of the gate.


One thing that surprised me about this giveaway was how many OU students had heard about foursquare, but never used it. We gave them a reason to use it. A reason to connect. And the result? New foursquare users, and a bonus to our already loyal OU foursquare fans. Our goal is to keep giving them reasons to check-in. Success or failure, every campaign, promotion, giveaway is a chance to see what your students respond to. It’s also a chance to be better next time.

Our next foursquare fun will be with Campus Activities Council’s Howdy Week in the fall!

Check out the #OU4SQ Case Study.

Have you ran a foursquare campaign before? Share your insight with us in a comment!


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