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edu web conferenceThis summer a few Web Comm-ers ventured to the Edu Web Conference in Boston, MA. You may remember our post from last year. This year Erin, Sara and myself (Cassie) were all presenting at the conference. We learned a lot, but (as always) we have some top things to share with you!

  1. Content creators need to know the story of your university’s founding in order to understand the brand. Why was it created? How was it founded? Who started the University and what were the challenges they faced?
  2. Responsive web design. Responsive web design. Responsive web design.
  3. Set goals with Google Analytics. This free service offers more than it might seem on the surface. Set goals, decide what you consider a “conversion” and track how you’re doing through this robust free tool.
  4. Set up your editorial calendar with a daily activity list including timeframes throughout the day where you get the most bang for your buck (or, time). Block off each time frame into the type of content you want to post such as: Campus, School Spirit, Campus Life, Alumni, etc.
  5. Look at your founding campus heroes and find the hero stories of today. Tell the stories that are in alignment with your message, values, and meaning as a university.
  6. Check it out! The 2012 E-Expectations report. Lots of surprising things came from this study including Twitter use increased to 27% up from 9% with high school seniors and juniors.
  7. If you don’t laugh, learn, or love something about your content you should rethink your strategy.
  8. Check out some of the presentations from the conference. Hover over the session title to see if there is a presentation attached.

This year there was a great video contest and we really enjoyed the winning video. If you’ve ever been to a conference, we think you will too!

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