Ashley the Ambassador

Ashley WestMeet Ashley West! She is the first OU foursquare Campus Ambassador. What does that mean, exactly? She’s here to tell you!

  • Major, Year, Hometown: Business & Human Relations/ Minor in International Area Studies. Class of 2013. Hometown: OKC!
  • Three words to describe yourself: Adventurous, Creative & Driven
  • Why did you apply to be a foursquare ambassador? I saw the ambassador program as a great opportunity to get students aware of the possibilities foursquare has for them & the campus together. 
  • What is your role at OU as the foursquare ambassador? My role is to connect foursquare with the campus & serve as a liaison between the OU Web Communications & foursquare itself through events, contests and activities. 
  • Your favorite thing about OU: The tradition & culture. I’ve fallen in love with the campus over the years & it will always hold a special place in my heart.
  • Why is foursquare cool? What better way to connect & share your knowledge of places with friends? I love foursquare because it gives everyone a chance to explore & find new things, regardless of where you are.
Web Comm is super excited to have Ashley be the student voice for foursquare! You or someone you know could join her as an OU foursquare ambassador! Learn more about foursquare campus ambassadors.

What has OU been up to with foursquare? Check out the Senior Bucket List we did in May. Follow us on foursquare to keep up with the life and times of OU.

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