ESPN College Gameday + OU Foursquare = Lee Corso T-shirts

No. 5 Notre Dame and No. 8 OU went head to head this past weekend. To add to the pre-game excitement, ESPN College Gameday set up shop on the campus South Oval for the first time in four years. Campus was buzzing with cameras, ESPN celebrities and….Foursquare!

OU Foursquare ambassador Ashley West and I worked with ESPN College Gameday to promote their badge and hand out some Lee Corso t-shirts. The t-shirts helped drive participation and the badge was unlocked over 100 times. In October we had 354 check-ins on the University of Oklahoma spot.

The awesome Corso t-shirts helped drive new users to download the app and check-in. It also was a great opportunity to tell people why Foursquare is so awesome. If they were Normanites, I made sure to mention the awesome deals at Othellos. After handing out 100 shirts, Ashley and I hit the crowd to help promote Foursquare. We were on a mission to have the Ruf/Neks take a picture with the Foursquare banner. It wasn’t hard. When we walked up, two of the students yelled our way, “Hey! I already checked in and got the badge!” And then this happened…

One older gentleman with Notre Dame stopped to ask us if we were with Foursquare and then told us about how he has been checking in at all the games he goes to around the country to get a new badge. Needless to say, Foursquare was hopping that day and we had fun promoting it.

Do you use Foursquare? What do you love about it? Tell us in the comments below.

More photos from that day!

One thought on “ESPN College Gameday + OU Foursquare = Lee Corso T-shirts

  1. Go OU! The irish were wayyyyyy over rated this year. Great season OU. I can’t wait till next year. Still miss those thanksgiving games against the Huskers. Those were the days.

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