OU Image Library Showcases Best of OU

Hey there! We’re really excited here at #TeamWebComm because we launched a whole new way for OU faculty, staff and students to find OU photos for public use.

Enter the OU Image Library.

The idea here is to open up awesome, high-resolution photos to our Sooners to use on departmental websites, marketing publications and just for overall promotion. The image library has only been public for a short time, but I’ve already noticed when I need a photo to post with the press releases you seen on the OU.edu homepage, the OU Image Library is the first place I look. It features beautiful campus landscapes and buildings, OU sculptures and statues, fantastic pics of students and action shots from athletic events. See?!

Here’s how it works if you’d like to request images:
1. Head to the OU Image Library.
2. Scroll through photos to find what you need.
3. Email me with your photo requests. Include in your message:

  • What department you’re with
  • Either screenshots of the photos or the titles you’re requesting
  • Where you will use the photo
  • Your deadline

I should be able to respond within the day with the original, high-resolution photo.

It’s important to mention, too, that OU Web Communications also accepts new photos to add to the OU Image Library. Have some amazing shots of your department, organization or office? We’d love to showcase them! Just send me an email and we’ll chat about how we can get those added to the image library.

— Morgan

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