So Long, Farewell

It’s a sad day as we send off one of our sweetest and most encouraging WebCommies, Amanda Harlin.

Amanda Harlin

Amanda Harlin, who is overflowing with positivity and exuberance inside of this University of Oklahoma telephone booth, was voted best bangs on #TeamWebComm.


Amanda has been with #TeamWebComm for more than a year. She’s a coding queen, always rolling into Monday morning staff meetings nursing 5-hour ENERGY shots accompanied by chasers of coffee or other energy drinks (We don’t know how her little heart hasn’t imploded yet). She’s often the magic sparkle glue that holds us together when we get a little grumpy, pessimistic and mad at the world.

I think our web marketing intern Kylie said it best after Amanda announced she’d be leaving us: “Who’s going to say nice things to us and make us feel better about ourselves? She was so good at that.” Exactly, Kylie. Exactly.

I remember when I interviewed for my job here, I had asked Amanda what she liked about working here. She was a contract worker then and told me she was amazed how the team embraced her as one of their own and even let her in the Christmas photo. It was adorable.

And even on her last day, Amanda hand-delivered each of us a Starbucks gift card. Yes, she gave us presents! Total Amanda move.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 2.49.16 PM


Amanda, you will be missed, but you will always be part of the WebComm family!

One thought on “So Long, Farewell

  1. Thank you so dearly for this blog post and fantastic last day! My heart is truly touched by your kindness! Such love to you all!!! XOXOXOXO! <333

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