Behind The Scenes – Video Interviews

Our video team has recently begun working on “Namesake” video interviews. Drew, one of our team’s videographers, was tasked with heading up the project.

First things first: Gear.

DSC01247 copy

If you want to hear more from Drew about the future of 4K, check out the link below!

In today’s world, producing new and relevant video content is an ever changing endeavor. What was standard yesterday, is obsolete today. So, our video team is pretty intentional about staying caught up with the most relevant and cutting-edge gear and trends. Check out Drew’s post on THE FUTURE OF 4K

For a short 90-second interview, Drew decided to go with the Sony A7s (above) and the Canon c100 mounted on an automated slider (below).


To get the right height for the shoot we had to improvise and borrow some chairs.




Ame, a new member on the video team, monitoring sound levels.


We used the NT-55 Rode mic and kept it just barely out of frame.

DSC01382-2 copy

The setup.

Short and simple. We got it done in three takes, and if it weren’t for some doors in the distance being slammed shut, we probably would had it in one. Stay posted for more Behind The Scenes coming up!



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