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As many of you know, our office has a thing for dinosaurs. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve been counting down the days to the premier of Jurassic World. What might come as a little bit of a surprise is that we created custom dino-themed content especially for this occasion.

We do not always create content for movies but you might remember that dinosaurs are the unofficial mascot of the office of Web Communications, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm). That, coupled with the fact that Jurassic World is – dare we say it – the blockbuster movie of the summer, gave us all the inspiration we needed to tie everyone’s favorite extinct species to OU in some way. Mason, our new photographer, was more than happy to indulge me and a new breed of content was hatched.

Though not our standard content and definitely not something I’d want to overdo, these kinds of posts are beneficial on several levels. They make you seem human, relatable and approachable. Millions of people are excited for this movie. If your brand is as well, that’s something you have in common. It helps build a bond with those both inside and outside your audience. Not only is it great for engagement and reach, it’s a great conversation starter – all of which our Klout score will reward us handsomely for. And finally, this kind of content is fun – which is really the whole point of social media and an important part that I think a lot of people forget sometimes. Sure it’s a great way to figuratively shout from the rooftops news about your organization, facts, events and, of course, disseminate information, but it’s also a place that should make people happy, give them a laugh and (carefully and respectfully) let your hair down every once in a while.


Hold onto your butts! #JurassicWorld is almost as cool as #SoonerWorld. #BoomerSooner

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I get to see Jurassic World tonight!

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