How to Create Content Students Actually Pay Attention To

Hey, everybody!

I’m writing this post not from the WebComm office as I sit in front of my personal space heater …


… but from the lavish Westin hotel in downtown Chicago. I’m here representing the University of Oklahoma and #TeamWebComm at the eduWeb Digital Summit — a gathering of higher ed marketers from across the country.

I’m giving a presentation today called “How to Create Content Students Actually Pay Attention To” and I’ll get to talk up OU and its efforts to reach current and prospective students where they are. I give shoutouts to all my favorite storytelling tools and platforms and walk attendees through the different ways we use those tools and platforms to engage our audience.

In my presentation I make a promise that I will list every tool, every platform and every reference to something awesome right here in this blog post. I’m a woman of my word, so here’s a roundup (more or less in order from the start of my presentation to the end of it) of all the links I think will be helpful if you sat through my presentation this week.

If you have questions, feel free to comment on this blog post, send me an email (, message me on LinkedIn, tweet me, whatever. To everyone at the conference: We’re now basically BFFs, so feel free to reach out for advice whenever, or let me know how you’ve been able to use these tools to create awesome content YOUR students pay attention to.

2. All the links to OU’s social media pages
3. Our blog (you’re here, but for the sake of making a comprehensive list …)
4. OU’s office of Web Communications, Marketing & New Media
5. Spotify
6. OU on Spotify
7. Spotify Branded Playlist
8. tumblr.
9. OU on tumblr.
10. We love our National Merit Scholars (we really, truly do)
11. Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History
12. Storify
13. OU on Storify
14. Storify bookmarklet / Chrome extension
15. OU on BuzzFeed
16. Medium: Embracing listicles
17. playbuzz
18. OU on playbuzz
19. reddit
20. President Obama Would Choose to Fight the Horse-Sized Duck (very important)
21. “Chemistry of Beer” AMA
22. IAmA subreddit
23. Mashable reddit how-to
24. Northwest University’s Knight Lab
25. OU’s 125th Anniversary Timeline
26. SoundCite example in drum major Q&A
27. SoundCloud
28. Jurassic World Mobile MovieMaker
29. Valentine’s Day watercolor cards
30. Waterlogue app
31. Mashable: How to Make Awesome GIFs
32. 5 Tips for Making Stop-Motion Video
33. Quirky “National Days”
34. #Playfulcontent
35. @KnightLab
36. “How To Create Content Students Pay Attention To” on my slideshare


3 thoughts on “How to Create Content Students Actually Pay Attention To

  1. Morgan,
    These are some great resources. I missed your presentation so I wanted to look at your Slideshare and the link isn’t working correctly.

  2. Hi Kerry – I wish you could have been at my presentation, but let’s see if the slides will help. I think if you go to my slideshare account (try this link: and go through the slides with the links from this blog, you should be in good shape. Let me know if you have any questions!


  3. After seeing the slideshare I really wish I HAD seen the presentation! Maybe next time, thanks!!

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