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Brand Points: Norman + OKC

kitten covering mouthWhen I came to OU as a student years ago (more than I’d like to admit), I was thrilled about the chance to live in a college town. That is, until I found out there was not a Chipotle in the entire state, McDonald’s didn’t take credit cards and Super Target was just a pipe dream. I was used to living in the ‘burbs near a big city (Dallas) and getting all of the perks that go with that. Norman was an awesome town with a lot of fantastic stores and restaurants, but I missed stadium seating at the movies (I’m very short – the struggle was real).

Then something miraculous happened. OKC happened. The transformation of Bricktown started it all. Now we have a thriving city just 20 minutes away that has not only spurred the growth of Norman, but has also brought with it an opportunity for students to hang out in either our fantastic college town or “the city” as we affectionately call it. It’s the best of both worlds! OKC isn’t too large to feel like home and has grown so much in the past 20 years that it’s now one of the coolest up and coming cities we’ve seen (though maybe we’re biased).

skydance bridgeThe combo of Norman + OKC makes OU an even more exciting place for our prospective students. Who wouldn’t want so many options? This is where we have to do a better job marketing not only the great town of Norman, but also the proximity and excitement of OKC. Many people don’t know about the proximity or highlights, so how do we tempt their college-bound dreams with the best of both worlds?

  • Sooner Weekend (#SoonerWknd) is an ode to the excellent events and happenings around Norman and OKC. Let’s keep our students on campus through the weekend by getting them excited about the vast array of things to do in the heart of Oklahoma. Music, movies, festivals and events happen every day along the 20 minute drive from OU to OKC, so let’s make sure our students know about them.
  • OKC B Roll is another way we promote the fact that this thriving city is in our backyard. When we can include OKC Thunder footage, highlights of the Myriad Gardens, or the amazing events that happen in downtown OKC we consider it a win.

What else could we be doing? Perhaps a photo series of OU logos at our favorite spots in OKC? Sooner Alumni showing off their cool OKC jobs and spaces? What could your department be doing to promote the proximity and excitement of the Norman + OKC combo?

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