#TeamWebComm Trivia 1.14

Each week we’ll take a closer look at the humans who make up The University of Oklahoma’s Office of Web Communication, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm).

This week’s question is: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Here are our answers:

Erin Yarbrough, associate vice president: Reese Witherspoon. (She’s Erin’s spirit celebrity.)

Reese Whitherspoon


Tom Ashley, financial manager and assistant to the associate VP:  Danny DeVito. (They’re practically twins!)

Danny DeVito



Kam Stocks, senior media specialist: Brad Paisley. (They do look alike…)

Brad Paisley


Sara Brown, video production coordinator: Daniel Day-Lewis. (He’s so method.)

Daniel Day Lewis

Ame Aziere, media specialist: Orson Welles. (He could totally pull it off!)

Orson Welles


Drew Bernard, media specialist: Tom Hanks. (Because he’s the best.)

Tom Hanks


Jesse High, media specialist: Denzel Washington. (What a powerhouse.)

Denzel Washington



Dave Hoecker, technical architect: Brandt Smith. (His performance would be electrifying.)

Brandt Smith


Katy Bergman, CMS migrations manager: Kristen Wiig. (She’s funny, a little awkward and a lot clumsy.)

Kristen Wiig


Eric James, data analyst:  Martin Lawrence. (Especially if he wants someone who can booty drop.)

Martin Lawrence


Brandt Smith, web marketing manager: Child Brandt: Sid from Toy Story (Not in personality or behavior, but looks for sure.) Adulthood: Nick Offerman (A true American man.)

Nick Offerman


Mason Drumm, photographer: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (Smirkety-smirk-smirk.)

Joseph Gordon Levitt


Morgan Day, program coordinator: Rashida Jones. (She’s a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful musk ox.)

Rashida Jones


Candace Timmons, social media marketing manager: Lauren Graham. (A quick wit will get you everywhere.)

Lauren Graham


What an amazing movie it would be if these people got together to make a film about #TeamWebComm. Who would play you?

Until next week,

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