From Her Office: Mom Matters

Yarbaby on the LOVE statueEight months ago my husband and I had our first kiddo (affectionately nicknamed Yarbaby by #teamwebcomm and one of our resident baby models). I came back sort of a wreck after maternity leave and encountered scenarios I never expected. However, I believe that being a mom has made me a better employee and boss. I’m not advocating for all women to go out and have babies (they’re really difficult, apparently), but for all of those working moms out there, maybe the mom guilt and exhaustion are actually somehow good for us!

  1. I have never appreciated my team more than I did the day I came back to work and every day since then. They are some of the most caring individuals I know and I’m grateful for them everyday. They didn’t quit even when I cried after finding out Morgan doesn’t like Harry Potter. They don’t make me feel bad for having to bring him up here sometimes. They also pretend to think my stories are cute. But most of all, I feel completely supported even when I’m having a rough day.
  2. I’ve always tried to be understanding and empathetic as a boss, but I don’t always succeed. There’s something about having your whole world turned upside down, though, that puts everything into perspective. I’ve tried to be much more zen since maternity leave. Some days I’m successful and some days I’m not, but I have an even greater appreciation for others’ situations being on this side of the fence.
  3. Yarbaby has to be picked up by 5:30. That does not leave a lot of time to stay at work and get things done late. I might work late at night some days, but overall my goal is to bust my butt while I’m here and get things done as efficiently as possible. I prioritize more and get things done more efficiently because I’d rather do them now than at home after (if) the baby goes to sleep.
  4. Did something or someone make you mad? What used to keep me worked up now has me rethinking if it really matters in the grand scheme of things. I don’t think this is necessarily just because I’m a mom, but also because I just have something else to help me re-prioritize. I’m still trying for that whole zen thing, remember?

self high fiveWorking moms many times deal with guilt about not being at home with their kiddos. Just know that being a mom matters not only to your family, but it can mean very positive things for your working life as well.

Have you found anything that makes you better at your job because you’re a mom?

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