Friday 5: Clouds

It’s almost game day, and you can feel the excitement across campus. Tents are getting set up, roads are being closed, classes are done for the week, and in about 24 hours I’ll be on the sideline for the first time. Typically, I would have a more in-depth post about some specific aspect of photography, but because of all the hoorah surrounding the game my attention has been directed elsewhere. But do not fear, for this Friday the clouds were particularly breathtaking, and I took on the scorching sun to snap five photos for today’s post.

That’s right, these pics are all for you! Oh, and don’t forget that there’s like, literally, a bajillion more photos featuring all sorts of OU goodness in our Image Library. Just shoot Morgan ( an email about which photo you want along with its intended use and she will likely be able to send you the high-res version.

By the way, I’m naming each photo by what animal I see in the clouds, and don’t tell me that dinosaurs aren’t animals. They are!


1. Dimetrodon



2. Sinosauropteryx 


3. Psittacosaurus



4. Hypacrosaurus 



5. Shantungosaurus 



I admit that last one could have easily been seen as a Therizinosaurus, but I went with the more popular of the two.

See ya next week,


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