In Case of Emergency

Want to learn something new? You may already be aware of this but I just learned it and thought it was too cool not to share. If you have a recent gen iPhone, you should be able to do this. Idk about other kinds of devices but they may have something similar.

If you have an iPhone and it has a passcode lock (as it should) and you are incapacitated and rendered unable to use your phone, there is a way to allow someone-tech-savvy good Samaritan, doctor, nurse, paramedic, etc-access to your designated emergency contact and certain health information. Best of all it’s SO easy!

Here’s how you do it:

1. Select the Health App

Health App


2. Select the “Medical ID” option and then “Create Medical ID”

medical id


3. Fill in your info and make sure “Show When Locked” is on

Medical ID


Now, if someone needs to contact your emergency contact or if you need to contact someone’s emergency contact for them, the information is right there.

To access this information, swipe as if you were going to unlock the phone. But instead of typing in the passcode, select “Emergency.”

med id 2


Then select “Medical ID” and you’ll have access to someone’s/someone will have access to your emergency contact and the medical history information you choose to include. Things like: medical conditions, medical notes, birthdate, allergies and reactions, medications, your emergency contact, blood type, if you’re an organ donor, weight and height.


Emergency Contact


Cool, huh? Make sure all the important people in your life know about this! It could save a life.


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