Friday 5: Game Day

This past Saturday I spent the evening taking pictures at OU’s first game of the season. It was my first time on the sideline and I loved it! I though that being on the field, with all the players, media, cheerleaders and everybody else, would be much more hectic than it was, but it’s really more of a controlled chaos.

Candace came along with me so we could tag-team OU’s social media. She was also there to make sure I don’t do anything stupid (I almost got my head blown off by the Nitrogen tanks at the end of the tunnel where the football players run out). What’s great about having Candace by my side is that we can have almost instant turn-around for social media. She can tell me exactly what she wants, I’ll snap the pic, transfer the image(s) over to my iPad, do a quick edit, then send it to Candace where she can post…instantly. What’s especially unique about the two of us is that, unlike 99% of the other 100 photographers on the field, we aren’t trying capture the players. We want the atmosphere. We want the screaming fans, the mascots bodysurfing, The Pride warming up, the Ruf/Neks firing their guns, etc. We are trying to share the game experience and not so much the game itself.

So, this week’s “Friday 5” will feature five of my favorite images from last Saturday’s Akron game, which, by the way, we won 41-3. Oh, and these images plus many more from the game will be available to you on our Image library. Just shoot Morgan ( an email about which photo you want along with its intended use and she will likely be able to send you the high-res version.

1. The Pride kicking off the season!


On the field strutting their stuff, Drum Major Kyle Mattingly and Twirler Sarah Harris led The Pride across the field.  I shot this with our 135mm lens as low to the ground as I could get. It was practically shot between the legs of two other photographers standing about two yards in front of me but you’d never know because I cropped in.

2. Cheerleaders before the kickoff.


This shot was taken with our new 11-24 super wide lens. It’s an amazing lens that’s perfect for capturing architecture or large, sweeping shots of the stadium. The challenge with these wide angle lenses is trying to fill the frame up, which is incredibly difficult to do if you’re not right in front of an object.

3. A view of Headington Hall.


With plans to enclose the stadium in the coming year, this view of Headington Hall won’t always be there. As the season progresses, it’ll be great to stock up on images of the pre-enclosed stadium.

4. Boomer taking a selfie!


Some lucky fans were surprised when Boomer grabbed their phone and took a selfie. This kind of stuff is exactly what I’m trying to capture! Oh, and here’s a fun fact for you: to distinguish between which mascot is Boomer and which is Sooner, just remember “Crimson and Cream” and “Boomer Sooner”. Boomer wears crimson and Sooner wears cream.

5. Ruf/Nek energy.


At one point, while I was in the student section, these guys jumped up on a ledge and started cheering wildly. I quickly positioned myself where the stadium lighting was directly behind the RufNek and started shooting. I think this pic really caught the energy he’s putting out.

That’s it y’all! Where you at the game? Did you get any good pics? Let me know!

Mason  @thedrumms 

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