From Her Office: Harry Potter Leadership Lessons

For me, the Harry Potter series is the epitome of great fiction, great movies, and a magical brand. I’m obviously not the only one who thinks this (ahem, Morgan!), but I might be somewhat alone in my reasons for loving this series so much. Not only do the situations and stories grow incredibly well as the reader her/himself grows, but the leadership lessons taught throughout Ms. Rowling’s books are just as incredible.

  1. Make friends with the smart kid, the overlooked kid, the unpopular kid. or worse, expelled!You never know what you might find. Let’s be honest; Ron and Harry would be dead if not for Hermione…”or worse, expelled!” Many of the people we meet along the way might not be in the “club,” and those are the people who might make the best partners along the way. They’re interested in the work, not climbing to the top.
  2. If you’re going to be a showman, you better have darn good evidence to back it up. Professor Lockhart showed us that shameless self promotion yields great popularity and recognition… for a limited time only. You see, while it’s very important for us to learn how to promote our own successes, it’s also very easy to fall into the trap of bragging and over promotion. If you’re going to promote successes (which we need to do as women in leadership!), stay humble, stay truthful, and stay rooted in reality. And for those who don’t? See next…
  3. antagonists harry potterFate steps in. I recently had a conversation with someone who was just really beat down by people who were getting promoted, getting recognition, and getting attention for things they shouldn’t. Here is what I’ve learned: just like Draco, in the end fate will usually step in. We can’t let the antagonist, the jerk, the overpaid bring us down. We can build Dumbledore’s army and celebrate the real heroes. The Malfoys, the Dursleys, and of course the Voldemorts (PSA the “t” is silent, apparently) will eventually see their fate – even if it takes a while to see it happen.


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