Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat?

Keeping connected to social interactions and the day’s events is easier than ever thanks to your smartphone. But what happens when being connected interferes with your sleep?

Allowing your or your significant other’s smartphone to wake you up at night might be complicating your weight loss efforts. A growing amount of evidence is finding a link between too little sleep and weight gain and there is also growing evidence of a link between sleep loss and diabetes. According to USA Today lack of sleep is associated with increased levels of hunger hormones and extra consumption of calories along with several other weight gaining activities.

Those extra beeps and late night pay-attention-to-me noises aren’t the only thing your smart phone is doing that affects your sleep. The Atlantic explains that the blue light emitted by our phones interferes with the production of melatonin and tells our body that it is morning even if it is the middle of the night. This makes it hard to fall asleep in the first place or fall back asleep after we check that all-important e-mail beep or tweet alert.

So how do we train our smartphone to help us sleep better? Get rid of interruptions by enabling do-not-disturb software. For the blue screen issues either stop using your smartphone before sleeping (it seems like 20 minutes might be sufficient) or reduce the impact by using an app to shift the wavelength of light emitted by your screen.

Below are some specific approaches for iOS and Android devices.




Check out this iMore article.

 Screen Color:

The most thorough approach is to get f.lux (this app requires rooting)

CupertinoTimes has an article about an alternate approach but it doesn’t fully shift the display from blue light.





Check out this Gizmodo article.


Screen Color:

Check out the Twilight app from the Urbandroid





Some of you may also enjoy this article Sleep Deficit: The Performance Killer by The Harvard Business Review.

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  1. Yes, I agree with your opinion. I make a habit of lying on the bed to watch films on the smartphone. That’s why my weight is growing with the fast speed. Hic. Maybe I should do exercise or separate me from my loved phone if I want to possess good health!

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