7 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Facebook Page

Today I’m specifically talking about small tweaks that will immediately improve your business and/or organization Facebook Page. These are the things I’ve learned over the years and that I’ve continued to do to not only build OU’s brand but keep a consistent voice and clean design throughout our page.

1. Customize!

OU Facebook
This is something that is so easy but often times overlooked. You copy and paste a web link to your timeline (as I did above) and it auto-populates one or more images. You aren’t stuck with those! Now you can easily add your own image by clicking on the box with the plus sign (circled above) and selecting the image you’d like to use. Then unclick the photos that are highlighted and you’re good to go. And as long as the image you’ve chosen is a standard size, the box will conform to your dimensions. I generally upload my own image even if it auto-populates one because the image I load will be larger than those auto-filled. Bonus: use Photoshop or the Over App on your phone to add your logo or text to the image for further customization.
Content with photos gets 39% more interaction than content with no photo.
Sometimes OU is featured in a news article or list along with other universities. Why would I want to publicize someone else’s beautiful campus, “tree city,” friendly bike campus or greatest football fan base when I can upload my own photo and give OU all the glory? The answer is: I wouldn’t want to do that.

2. Clean It Up

OU Facebook
When you paste a link to post a status, the link will load in a box or boxes under (like in #1). It is then safe to delete the link from the text of your post. As you can see in the image above, the link to #SoonerWknd is in the box on the bottom and my wording is sans link on the top. This keeps things so much cleaner and less jumbled looking. Links are like children…they’re messy.

3. Add Apps

Facebook Apps
This is another easy one. I talked at length about how to do this on a different blog post. Adding apps is the perfect way to cross-promote your networks. I almost said something about synergy but then I hated myself for it.

4. Like Other Pages

Liked Pages
This lets other people publicly see what you’re all about. The University of Oklahoma page likes other departments, colleges, organizations, athletics and student group pages from across campus on Facebook. It also lets the page you like know you’re on Facebook. When I ran my roller derby team’s Facebook page, we liked other leagues across the world and our governing body, WFTDA as well as gear companies and bout production entities. When managing Ole Stables Marketplace, a local shop in Norman, I like other local businesses and vendors. You get the idea – like others who are related to what it is you are doing in real life and on Facebook.

5. Tag People/Things/Places/Departments

OU Facebook
After you like these, go a step further and tag them or others when posting about them. This will (probably) show up on their page depending on their privacy settings and is a good way to give people shout outs. Additionally this will increase your reach and promote each other. Think of it as a win-win.

6. Make things as easy as possible

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.24.35 PM
People can be lazy when it comes to social media. People can also get easily distracted by so. many. things. in their face when on a mobile device or computer. If you’re cross promoting your Instagram or Twitter accounts on Facebook, include a direct link to those accounts. This way, they can click one time to be taken directly to where they can follow and interact with you. In the photo above, we’re promoting applying to OU and downloading the OU Bound App. Links to both are provided so the information is readily available to our audience.

7. Always “we” – never “I”

OU Facebook
It’s pretty basic – if your page is for something that is made up of more than one person – always use “we.” Exception: If you’re an individual, “I” is fine.
The end.

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