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How To Use Flipboard & Over To Create A Unique Annual Report

harry potter2015 is wrapping up and what a year it’s been! With over 20 awards won this year and some really incredible projects, we wanted to highlight some of our accomplishments in our first-ever annual report/year in review.

So, how do we do that in a unique and fun way? We are a creative group, so it needed to be something we hadn’t run across previously. But, we also didn’t have time to take away from our regularly scheduled programing to build something custom. Thus enters two of our favorite apps in WebComm: Over and Flipboard.

There are 3 parts to our annual report so that we can present information in different ways:

  1. The Full Report – We know that not many will take the time to read through the whole thing, but we still wanted to get it out there. We’ve listed out the top highlights of 2015 on our website and in PDF here.
  2. Video Reel – Not having ever put together a video reel for ourselves before, Kam came up with a style and format for our first-ever video reel showcasing some of our 43 videos and 6 video awards we’ve won this year. Watch the reel here.
  3. Highlight Magazine – We thought about creating a printed magazine and then showcasing it online through Issuu, but after some budget cuts knew that we needed to take a much cheaper (i.e. free) approach. In comes Over & Flipboard to help us create a very unique approach to an annual report. View the Flipboard magazine here.

Highlight Magazine


IMG_9662Over is an iPhone App that Candace and I have been slightly obsessed with for some time. It is the fastest and most elegant way to add text to photos on an iPhone that I have ever seen. It also just went through a redesign and now allows you to use the blend tool to make text look like it is behind an image.

Since the easiest way to add photos to Flipboard is through your mobile device, I wanted to be able to edit and save the photos on my phone rather than editing them all in Photoshop and then transferring them to my phone. Using Over is also about 1,000x faster than doing this in Photoshop or Illustrator.

By using Mason’s amazing campus photos we were able to add facts and figures from the annual report to each photo as a way to highlight not just the facts, but also photography via the magazine.


screenshot of flipboard magazineFlipboard is a mobile and web app that makes it incredibly easy to keep up with news and current events for topics that interest you. It’s really meant to be a news consumption tool and a way to share news with others. Mason and Brandt are huge fans of Flipboard. The UI is beautiful and it works really well across devices. They also have a feature called Magazines where you can collect news into a collection of items. Think of it as pins and boards on Pinterest, but with more of a magazine view.

However, since the items we wanted to include in the magazine weren’t already news or web items, we needed to create a lot of content. On the mobile app for Flipboard you can upload images directly into a magazine and add captions. So, to highlight different facts and information we uploaded the images already made on Over and captioned it with more information. We were also able to include videos from YouTube and a link to the full report on the website.

This might not have been a traditional or intended use of Flipboard, but it definitely helped us create something incredibly unique and engaging. We hope you’ll check it out!

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