Top 10 #TeamWebComm Blog Posts of 2015

2015 was the year of the hustle over here at WebComm, and the #TeamWebComm blog paints a pretty good picture of just how busy we’ve been.

We’ve been keeping you all in the loop about our WebComm-created content and updates through this blog, and we’ve been posting tidbits about ourselves to help you get to know us a little better. We’ve been sharing our picks for best Internet animals (very important), and we’ve been regaling you with behind-the-scenes looks at our jobs and technology reviews.

We’ve been sharing so much this year that we reached 108 blog posts in 2015. Hot damn, people! That’s 100 more than we posted in 2014 (if this were a text conversation, this is where I would insert my favorite wide-eyed, blushing emoji).

Nearly every member of #TeamWebComm posted on the blog this year, and we even had one guest post from the social media manager at Emory University. In 2015, weekly — or at least somewhat regular — posts blossomed, like Candace Timmons’ “#TeamWebComm Trivia” in which she asks each of us a new question every week. Erin Yarbrough dished out professional advice for all ages with her “From Her Office” series. And Mason Drumm taught seasoned photogs and novice shutterbugs alike how to create cinemagraphs, shoot amazing photos with iPhones and capture the excitement of a football game with his “Friday 5” series.

We’ve shared summaries of our Editorial Calendar meetings, recaps of our podcasts and outlines from presentations we’ve given around the country.

It’s safe to say: 2015 has been not only busy, but a serious blast. Join me in reminiscing about our top 10 blog posts of the year (determined by page views) and stick around in 2016 for more from your friends at #TeamWebComm!


1. Shop Local: Norman, Oklahoma

OU’s social media manager Candace rounds up a few of your favorite places to shop in Norman, Oklahoma, where all of us Sooners on the OU main campus call home.

2. 4-27-15 Instagram Update

Instagram announced you can now hashtag emojis and the world went cray.

3. Social Media Bedlam

If there’s one thing we learned this year through our #TeamWebComm blog, it’s posts about social media are nearly always home runs. I mean, we have a post called “Instagram Tips & Tricks” FROM FOUR YEARS AGO, PEOPLE, that still ends up in our top 10 every year.

This is why when I’m thinking about guest posts for 2016, it’s likely I’ll reach out to other social media marketers to share their expertise on the blog.

4. Happy Holidays

Mason had the brilliant idea to have us all take super cheesy holiday photos because, well, #TeamWebComm has no shame and to be honest, these kinds of photos are our jam. It was fun to see everyone don their favorite Christmas sweater (or one CMS migrations manager Katy Bergman kindly let us pass around) and take a holiday photo that will even make our parents cringe.

5. How Playing Roller Derby Made me a Better Social Media Marketer

Candace was a total rockstar and reached out to, which published this post verbatim. That helped make this one of the most successful posts on the blog this year.

One thing we’ve learned when it comes to reaching new audiences is that we should be thinking about what other platforms or publications our post might work well on, and then find a way to get the post there. The perfect combo of roller derby and social media made this a no-brainer for Bust.

We’ve also taken to LinkedIn Pulse to publish our posts, with a blurb at the top that tells readers the post was first published on the #TeamWebComm blog, with a link back to our blog. We’ve found that the posts often get more views — and better engagement — through LinkedIn Pulse. This could have something to do with the sharing aspect of LinkedIn and its email marketing, which could land your post at the top of an email roundup for all to see. And who knows, perhaps those LinkedIn users who are seeing it there are coming to the #TeamWebComm blog and finding more of our content helpful.

6. The Trust Engineers

Candace analyzed a recent RadioLab podcast that looked at human emotion and Facebook photo reports. It’s extremely fascinating, timely and well-written, and I think this is a great example of how other people can find more content for their blog. See an interesting newspaper article, or listen to an intriguing podcast that deals with your industry? Write about it!

7. #TeamWebComm Blog Named Top 100 SEO Blog

We’ll forever be getting spam comments on this blog post (thanks, “SEO”), but we just had to tell everyone how excited we were to be named a top SEO blog. If anyone else wants to put us on a best-of list in 2016, you’re more than welcome.

8. So Long, Farewell

In this little post, we bid adieu to one of our sweetest, most talented WebCommies, Amanda Harlin. Before I was hired, we used to post about each new employee here, but that was never resurrected. Maybe in 2016 we’ll cook up something that will introduce you to each new person we hire. Let me think on that …

9. When it Hits the Fan(s)

Erin took to the blog after the SAE incident and encouraged Sooners to keep the discussion about race open at the university.

10. We Put the ‘Pow!’ in Power Pose

I coerced several of my co-workers to strike their best power pose after I watched Amy Cuddy’s TED Talk, “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.” This is one of my favorite posts that I’ve written because it shows how my teammates take something that’s being discussed out there in the real world and they make it their own. And, once again, they were good sports about being silly on camera.

That wraps it up for 2015!

Was there a post you saw this year that you think should have made the cut? Or is there something you’d like us to post about in the future? Let us know!

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