Office 365 and CMS User Groups

Hi CMS friends!

We have been informed by some CMS users of a new issue they are experiencing, so I thought it only appropriate to use my love of GIFs to explain the issue and how we can help.

Have you and/or your department friends recently been upgraded to Office 365?

Tom Hanks computer gif

But when you try to add said department friends to a group, you are unable to do so?

Computer says no gif

Don’t be Gretchen – don’t tell your friends they aren’t fetch and that they can’t sit with you (or edit the website).

You can't sit with us gif

Never fear – we are here to help! Just send me the users 4+4 and the CMS group that you would like them added to and I will make the request that they be added.

Kip typing on computer gif

Once the request is completed and your friend is ready to edit your website, we will celebrate, Barney-style.

High five gif

We are working on getting a long-term solution to this issue – once this has been resolved, I will update you all here, and then, we celebrate, Chuck E. Cheese-style.

Celebrate gif

Until this is resolved, when you have CMS group issues, contact me, ’cause I got you.

I got you boo

NOTE: This seems to be an Office 365 issue, and we are working with IT on a long-term solution. We will keep you all posted.

Thanks, friends!


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