Smartphones Doomed to be Forgotten?

If you are a science fiction fan and haven’t checked out The Expanse you should. It is an intriguing take on the future and one of the best sci-fi shows I have seen in a long time. In big part this is due to the heavy science emphasis of the show. No one is running around with superhuman powers and the laws of physics aren’t being violated.

One thing that makes the show fun is that it is set 200 years in the future and the technologies they have are continuations of technologies we have now or are working on such as fusion power generation. Which brings up smartphones.

Handheld terminal from The Expanse

In The Expanse the smartphone equivalents are small simple looking displays that can easily send information to other “phones,” larger displays built into furniture, or 3D projectors. This is on point with a recent article in Newsweek on the future of smartphones about how smartphones are getting to be as boring as oh lets say a… computer.

According to the article the future of smartphones is going to be less app centric and more about getting stuff done. Nobody really cares about managing what apps they have on their phone. We just want the phone to do what it is supposed to do and move on. In the future, the AI our phone uses will take our instructions into account and load or unload whatever apps are needed to get the job done.

Newsweek points out that this could allow phones to look very different. Since our environment will be a computer interface (walls, cars, and etc.) we just need something that will identify us to those interfaces so we can use them. A small portable screen might still be handy as well when we are on the move. Which could mean that we have some small almost invisible piece that provides the identification/security/computing portion of smartphone’s job for us and then we just carry whatever other interface items we find handy.

Samsung Gear Fit

This could allow for much more personalization than updating the photo on your home screen. These new interfaces will likely spark off the next set of technologies that make piles of cash for innovative companies. We might find the new gadgets so interesting that we eventually forget that we even own a smartphone.

Oh by the way the season finale for The Expanse is February 2nd at 9 pm CST. You might want to catch up!

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