NEW Calendar (Wahoo!!)

Hi pals!

We have some BIG news. It has been a long time coming. But that time is finally here. We have a new calendar (YAY!!!).

NOTE: This calendar is for ALL OU departments (both those in/not in the CMS).


We have been working with a new calendar system, LiveWhale, to develop a calendar that will both look nice, and provide a nice, user-friendly, experience for both consumers and users.

With this new calendar, we will still have a preview of your upcoming events:


See More Events will take you to a view of your entire calendar:


When you click on the event, you will get more information (contact info, sharing options, etc.):


We are SO excited to get the new calendars on all of your sites – but there are a LOT of departments and websites, so we have developed the following timeline for calendar roll-out.

February 9: Main OU calendar will be converted and new calendar submissions may be made here
February 29: Existing calendars will all be converted (we will be in touch with individuals before this is done so you can ensure all events are transferred)
March 1, 2:30pm: Calendar training for the existing/converted users
March 2, 9:30am: Calendar training for the existing/converted users
March 4: We will post the form to request a new calendar here on the Webcomm blog

If you do not currently have a calendar, but are interested in getting a new handy-dandy calendar, fill out this form and we will be in touch in March!

If you have questions, or issues, please contact us at Looking forward to upgrading/creating calendars for you all soon!


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