Bye Bye Brandt Playlist: An Homage to Our Music-Loving Web Marketing Manager

This week we’re wishing our web marketing manager Brandt Smith farewell as he embarks on a new professional journey. He’s off to be the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Fabrication Lab. Expect some blog posts from Brandt in the future as he shares his marketing efforts from the Fab Lab (surprise, Brandt!).

Anyway, through the tears, all of the #TeamWebComm members put their heads together and put together a goodbye playlist for Brandt.

These are songs we think Brandt loves, or songs about things Brandt loves (Texas, gross), or songs we’ve heard him sing in the office over and over (“Everything is awesome!”), or that are playing on repeat in our heads as we prepare to say goodbye (“Although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let you go.”). You get the picture.

Brandt, anytime you miss us, put on this playlist and, no matter where you are, WebComm will be there with you.

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