From Her Office: Must. Have. Mondays.

nZLFarXI look forward to Mondays every week. Yes, I love my team and the work we do, but let’s be honest; I love Mondays for a completely different reason. I have a group of girlfriends that get together every Monday night for girls’ night. EVERY. MONDAY. NIGHT. I’m not exaggerating. It started over 6 years ago when we got together to watch the last few episodes of Jason Mesnick’s season of the Bachelor (The most DRAMATIC after-the-final rose EVER). We don’t keep up with the rose ceremonies anymore, but have indeed kept our Monday ritual.

Monday nights are crucial for me. We always have each others’ backs, always lift each other up, and always have a glass of wine ready and waiting. Just last night one of the girls drove 2 hours to be there for a grieving friend. It’s a powerful feeling and incredibly important to my work-life balance.

I talk to a lot of women that say they wish their girlfriends got together more frequently but that they just don’t have time. Trust me – I get it. This group all has kiddos, husbands, and countless responsibilities. That’s why I want to share my tricks with you about how we’ve made this happen for 6 strong years.

I’m pretty sure the phrase “work-life balance” hit a peak in popularity about 10 years ago. With a dramatic increase in the number of working women in this country we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the need to balance life and find the most joy. How do you pursue the appropriate amount of work to be ambitious and the appropriate amount of “life” to explore and spend time with loved ones?

After more than 300 girls’ nights and 7 girls’ weekends, though, we’re living proof that friendships can stay strong and important in our lives!

Here are our keys for success. Who knows; maybe one of these will work for you, too!

  1. Plan one night every week that your friends are going to get together. This is the hardest part of the plan. I often hear, “But we can’t get together every week.” Not all 8 of us get together every week, either. There are usually only 4-5 of us on any given Monday night. Some nights you just can’t make it and that’s okay. If we only did girls night once a month, though, and someone couldn’t come to 2 or 3 then you wouldn’t see them for potentially 3-4 months!
  2. Get together at the same time every week. The less planning each week the better. We never have to ask in advance when we’re meeting.
  3. Don’t feel guilty for missing one night a week with your family. You have 6 other days of the week to see them and love on them. One night a week is for you and friendships.
  4. ABC-Confirmed-Yes-Ben-H-New-BachelorGet started by finding a common interest. For us it was the Bachelor. We would put together brackets, bet some money, and enjoy the drama. Eventually we found that we were paying more attention to each other than the show and now often go out to eat instead of to someone’s house. If a show isn’t your thing it could be craft night,  a run, or even just coffee. Use whatever it is that your friends enjoy together to get started.
  5. Keep the group size manageable. When a group is too small there are many times that there aren’t enough people to get together. When it’s too large then there may not be a comfort level with everyone. Close friendships develop when you see each other this frequently!

Go out and foster your friendships!

Dedicated to my wonderful girlfriends who keep me sane.







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  1. Yes! I absolutely agree with everything here, and couldn’t imagine life without my girlfriends. Well said, Erin! ???

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