Juggling Life: Sophomore Year

Growing up as a millennial, your resume has to be packed.  Clubs and internships aren’t enough. You need campus involvement, awards, and accolades. Being a college student seems like enough, right? There shouldn’t be much else to prove. Well, that’s not the case!

16,000 steps a day, 5 different buildings each, and a fluctuating stress level. Welcome to college! That’s not entirely true for everyone, but in my case, it definitely is. This year has come with several opportunities for me. This year, you could say I am deeply involved on campus. Plus, I’m taking 14 credit hours too.

Right? Wouldn’t you cringe a little bit too? Clearly, I am a student, so academics come first. On top of that, I am (somewhat) responsible for the well-being of 70 freshman. Lucky for me, this co-ed floor is full of charisma and fun, but sometimes it feels like herding cattle when pushing them to a floor meeting.

This fall, I am in charge of all Campus Public Relations for OU’s Homecoming Reunion Weekend, aka the greatest week of spirit ever. Yelling in people’s ears with a megaphone is hashtag PR goals.

And on Game days, I cheer on the Sooners with the most iconic tradition in college football… But there’s more than just Saturdays! Volleyball, soccer, basketball games and don’t forget to make appearances around Norman!img_3193






But something that relates to my profession is my internship at Web Communications. Where I get to reach over hundreds of thousands of people through social media

You may be wondering, “Where’s the time in the day to do homework, eat, sleep or take a break?” Surprisingly, there are some opportunities. The RA position isn’t just patrolling and citing people all day. Housing & Food ensures you that you’re “the middle ground” for your residents. That means being the liaison between the student and a resource on campus. With this responsibility, we have mandatory office hours. During my office hours, I keep my door open, greet my residents as they come through the hall, and work on any homework.

One thing you learn in your first year of college is to never procrastinate – that’s just preparing you to fail. With the busy schedule I am taking on this year, I utilize a planner and see what’s happening the coming week, and even the next week. When to start studying for a future exam, how I can move around my RA hours and make it to RUF/NEKS appearances or games.



As a Web Communications intern, I am blessed to say that it is so flexible. Social media and web marketing can happen at any time. Of course, the most engagements are during normal business hours, but I really have to be inside the office for a small amount of time. This year, my primary focus is live tweeting events or live streaming from places. This happens to go hand in hand when I am being a RUF/NEK at games or appearances! For example, I covered the College Game day game and broadcast between OU and Kansas, while in my RUF/NEKS uniform. Be right back, have to do two jobs.

There is more overlap in my positions to come! Homecoming is special for everyone, but freshman are really nervous to own up to a position or participate in Homecoming. But, as an RA, I can do part of my job and explain to freshman that getting involved with homecoming is fun and easy.

With any schedule, it is always smart to be organized and be on top of the ball. Every single day I have to look at my schedule because it is constantly changing.  With this, my phone alerts me constantly on where I should be going. Seriously, Siri takes over and tells me where I need to be.

Sadly, with my responsibilities, I have had to give up more social and friend time for my studies and activities. But, I always have to remember that I am doing what I am passionate about, and I truly am having fun. I actually prefer to be busy then not being productive. The relationships I’ve created through the organizations I belong to are so special to me, and the people in them is what makes it that much more unique. So yes, even though life may be running at a mile per minute, it has been the funnest ride.

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